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 !   Space Oddysy: A java shoot-em-up game.

Space Oddysy:Chapter 2

What all do we need to have in shoot-em-up space game? We need to have various enemie ships. These ships will fire, obviously at you. So we need to have various types of weapons. And think how bland will it look if the space you are moving through has no stars or planets coming up.And we need to give some special power-ups to the hero ship from time to time.

So basically we need these classes:
1. Ship
2. Weapon
3. SpaceScape
4. PowerUp
All these classes are abstract which should be subclassed to create meaningful concrete classes.

The ship class is a representation of any ship in the game. A ship moves and has a position in space. So it implements Moving and Artifact interfaces.
Similarly the Weapon, SpaceScape and PowerUp classes are representation of any Weapon, non colliding object, or a power. They implement. Artifact and Moving.

These are the major abstract classes in the game. Now we will sub class them to get classes using which we can write our game.

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